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Ready to integrate your Ning Network with Facebook? We’re putting the finishing touches on our Facebook App. It’s designed to help your members introduce their Facebook friends to your Ning Network.

We’re always interested in giving Network Creators the tools they need to grow their Ning Networks as seamlessly and organically as possible. Early last month, we launched Twitter integration, and in the following weeks saw powerful growth in many Ning Networks as Network Creators and their members started sharing content with their Twitter followers. We think our Facebook integration will be just as powerful, if not more so.

When the release goes live next week, you’ll see Facebook links on your content’s detail pages, right next to the Twitter links. Even better, you’ll find a brand-new Manage Facebook page, where you can quickly create a Facebook App for your Ning Network. Creating a Facebook App is not only easy, but it gives your members a way to post content directly to Facebook. It also gives you control over how those posts look on Facebook and identifies the content as being directly from your Ning Network.

Here’s a sample of how an event looks when shared on Facebook, once the Facebook App has been set up and customized:

Once you’ve created the Facebook App, your App will essentially serve as a Fan page on Facebook as well. So people who see posts in their News Feed from your Facebook App will be able to become fans of your Ning Network — and you’ll have another way to point people back to your Ning Network.

Creating the App will also add Facebook checkboxes to members’ Status modules and in key places where they add content. In this initial release of the app, members won’t be able to sign up or sign in via Facebook, but that’s something we’re actively working on adding down the road.

Ready to unveil your Ning Network to the 400 million people who use Facebook? We’ll update you here and on the Creators network when the new Facebook app is ready to be installed.

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