Live Mesh Beta

What’s inside Live Mesh?

Some features are not available for all countries/regions.


Devices page

Manage your mesh here. Click Add Device to download and install the Live Mesh software on your computer, so you can automatically sync your folders with other computers in your mesh and with your Live Desktop. You can also connect to a remote computer or your Live Desktop from here. To access the page, click Devices in your Live Desktop header bar.

Live Desktop

Your Windows PC on the web—complete with 5 GB of free storage space—where you can see all your synchronized folders in one place. It lives on the web, which means that even if you‘re not at one of your computers, you can still access and work with your folders from any computer that‘s connected to the Internet.

Mesh bar

Appears whenever you open a folder in your mesh, helping you manage your files and the members you invite to share them. Use the mesh bar to:

  • Invite or manage members
  • See who has access to the folder
  • See news related to the folder
  • Post messages to the folder
  • Chat with members using Windows Live Messenger*
  • Change synchronization settings for the folder

* Windows-only feature

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Looking for a snapshot of your mesh? The notifier lets you see news about what’s happening in your mesh and quickly check the status of all your synchronized folders and devices. It stays out of your way while you work, but is always available by clicking the Live Mesh icon in the notification area of your Windows taskbar, the menu bar of your Mac, or the taskbar of your Live Desktop.

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Available from the notifier, the mesh bar, and your Live Desktop, Live Mesh News gives you a continuous feed detailing activities in your mesh. It lets you know when a file in a shared folder has been changed, when someone joins or leaves a folder you’re sharing, when messages are posted to folders, and more.

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Live Mesh Remote Desktop*

Transport yourself to another computer in your mesh. Live Mesh Remote Desktop opens a window into your remote computer and gives you access to even those folders you haven’t synchronized. You can also use any programs on your remote computer, even if you don’t have them installed on your local computer.

Copy and paste files between your remote computer and your local computer, and even connect from almost any web browser.

* Windows-only feature

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Add a Mac to your mesh. Sync and share folders between your PC and your Mac. Or your friend’s Mac. Or between two Macs. Live Mesh gives you cross-platform functionality, so you can maximize your mesh.

* Some Live Mesh features not yet available for the Mac

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Take your mesh with you wherever you go. From any mobile phone with web access, go to to work with your synchronized folders, upload photos to share with others, read news about your mesh, and more.

* Some mobile phones not compatible with certain Live Mesh features

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Are you a developer?

The mesh is more than what you see today. Be among the first to see what’s under the hood and use our SDK to build mesh applications. Learn more about the Developer Program.

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